The tequila – Sin Pensar
trust your instincts

Our values

  • Passion: Founder Salim Mavany's love for fine tequila inspired him to collaborate with an artisanal distillery and craft a blend that could be sipped and savored. Sin Pensar is a labor of love for all involved, from the jimadores who cultivate the majestic blue agave to the distillers who infuse patience into every drop.
  • Integrity: Each batch of Sin Pensar is distilled under the watchful eye of a master distiller, from one of Tequila, Jalisco's oldest distilleries, to ensure perfection in every sip.
  • Ambition: Tequila is more than a beverage. When crafted well, it is an elixir of surrender to one's deepest instincts and thirst for success. Sin Pensar provides luxurious, soul-warming comfort as well as confidence.
  • Intuition: With intimate knowledge and detailed techniques being passed down for centuries, tequila is the epitome of artisanship, honed through generations of harvesters and distillers who trusted their instincts. Sin Pensar captures this precise passion even in our modern world.