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Our Story

Over the past centuries, Mexican jimadores and distillers have perfected the art of tequila. This elaborate process calls for specialized knowledge and careful craftsmanship honed over generations. Only the jimadores know how to extract the blue agave's heart at precisely the right time. To harvest piñas that are ripe for fermentation, they must trust their instincts. As a well-traveled third-generation spice merchant, Salim Mavany deeply appreciated the artisan process behind this delicious beverage. Throughout his travels, he encountered many different tequilas. It was fascinating to realize they all hailed from western Mexico, distilled from spectacular blue agave that grew throughout the Jaliscan Highlands and near the city of Tequila. Many families had been harvesting and distilling the blue agaves for centuries. The process is so distinctive that the areas around Tequila, Mexico, are protected as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. More than 40 countries recognize tequila as a Mexican destination of origin product. Yet around the world, some tequila brands were far removed from their cultural backdrop. Mavany adored fine tequila, but he'd tasted many poor-quality blends. As a connoisseur of this unique spirit, Mavany began dreaming of creating his own tequila — one that remained deeply connected to its artisan roots. He imagined a smooth, savory tequila, with each sip its own rewarding experience. It would be as bold as the blue agave, as nuanced as the jimadores' expertise, and as passionate as the people who would make and enjoy it.